NSS Unit Sissiborgaon College has been formed recently after it was permitted provisionally from Dibrugarh University on Dated – 03/08/2018.
The main objective to form NSS Unit Sissiborgaon College is to arousing Social Consciousness of the Youth Students with an overall objectives of personality development of the students through Community Services. …..


              Our nation’s father Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of an India which was not only free but also clean and developed. Today dated on 02-10-2019, Wednesday   a programme is held  on “Sawcchta Hi Seva” in Sissiborgaon College. Leading by the Authority  of  the  college & all the volunteers of NSS Unit, Sissiborgaon  College  undertook shramdaan by collecting plastic  waste  from  and  around  the College campus  and ensured its proper disposal with the support of the local administration. Vice Principal Mr. Ditul Lahan encouraged the students to use cloth or jute bags while going out shopping  and  use  metal or  earthen glass for drinking water in outside. On the other hand ex Principal (I/C) Mr. Kukheswar  Borah  drew    students  attention  to the  hazardous  effects of  single use  plastic on  the  environment, the health  of  animals and aquatic life. They urged all students to rid their house, work spaces from single use plastic.


                             A few snapshots of the programme are enclosed herewith.